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WebCam Monitor 5.1

Web Cam Monitor is a security program to guard places using a Web Cam
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Web Cam Monitor is a security program to guard places using a Web Cam. It is capable of perceiving any movements and even clattering, if you are using a microphone or have a built-in microphone in your web cam. The trigger alerts can be customized, and you can configure the program to record audio and video when an alert is triggered. You can use an IP camera with this program, to access it over a large network. The program can manage more than a camera. It will monitor them in a cyclic way. The program has a built-in inspection system that checks everything several times per second. This version of Web Cam Monitor has the ability to upload snapshots automatically, for later analysis. You can upload the files to an FTP server, using proxy connection. It can also be configured to be used through Internet. This way the user can monitor his place from a remote computer connected to Internet. It automatically refreshes the screening on a website. It provides updated information. You don’t need to configure things manually. The program also allows scheduling, allowing you to activate or deactivate the camera at a given time or date. Other safety measures on the professional hand are the automatic setting of time, and the auto deletion function.

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  • Multiple cameras can be configured at a time for remote surveillance
  • Scheduled monitoring with continuous recording is allowed
  • Offers video recording with the date and time stamped on it
  • Uploads automatically the snaps, videos and audios and it is highly safe


  • System requirements are very high
  • Changes in lighting can affect the motion detection
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