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WebCam Monitor 6.26

Streams live feed locally or on the Internet
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Provides surveillance streaming and connects to 4 webcams. Features camera controls like tilting, panning, and zooming with scheduling support.

WebCam Monitor is a camera surveillance system. The application allows you to connect up to four webcams and monitor them in real time. The areas covered by each of the cameras can be adjusted by tilting, panning and zooming. Likewise, monitoring can be done on regular intervals or when the motion or sound detected exceeds the threshold value previously set by the user.

The application is quite easy to use. In this respect, there are wizards to help you configure new cameras. Besides, a side panel guarantees quick access to the most frequently used parameters. The workflow consists of establishing a group of conditions that trigger specific actions. Thus, in addition to specifying sound and motion levels, you can also mark some specific camera regions in which movement is simply ignored. Thus, when motion is detected, the application can take a series of snapshots, send email notifications, upload media files to an FTP server, launch an audio alarm or run a specified program. Moreover, all these activity traces are conveniently marked with time stamps, which favor its later review and analysis. Another possible use of the application is to stream video over an IP address, which can be viewed even in a web browser or recorded by other applications that support remote IP cameras.

The bottom line is that WebCam Monitor can effectively serve as a video surveillance tool. However, it has some limitations related to the number of cameras it can support simultaneously. Moreover, it seems that the output video format cannot be customized, and MP4 is used by default. As there are many similar applications out there, you’d better try some of them before you actually decide which one to purchase.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports marking areas in which motion is ignored
  • It can stream IP video


  • It doesn´t support IP cams
  • It doesn´t allow more than four cams
  • The output video format cannot be changed
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